I started this site as a guide for young and broke travelers like myself. Every traveler has their own style: adventurer, off the beaten path, luxury, adrenaline junkie, etc. My blog is designed to support the cultural, historical, and somewhat traditional traveler. I like to get off the beaten path, but I also love the big cities. I’ve met plenty of travelers who refuse to see the main “touristy” attractions but I say, who cares if I look like a tourist!

Traveling is a personal experience

You know what you like. I will relay my experiences and provide advice but you should tailor your experience to your interests. Of course, the first problem that comes up is money but even that can be adjusted and tailored to your situation. You may not be able to jump on a plane today but with a plan, anyone can make it happen. Whether it’s Rome or the city nearest to you, you’ve got to decide to do it. Personally, I think traveling is the most enlightening and empowering thing you can do. So let’s get going.

Happy traveling!