6 Ways to Get Your Nerd On in the UK

1) King’s Cross Station

While King’s Cross is a working train station, you can find platform 9 and 3/4. It isn’t actually between 9 and 10 (people could get in the way of the trains), but they have a spot off to the side where a luggage cart is halfway through the wall. There is a small queue and some house scarves you can use. They have a professional photographer to buy photos from but they have no problems with you taking a picture with your own camera.



Pottermore put me in Slytherin and wearing this scarf was my grim acceptance of my house assignment

2) Harry Potter Studios

You can drive or take a bus out of London to the Harry Potter Studios. It’s huge. They have almost every set, every costume, every prop, every everything. There is a flow to the museum so you can take it all in. You will learn how to use a wand and get your picture riding a broomstick in front of a green screen. Also, they have butterbeer!


Gryffindor Common Room


Hogwarts! Many overhead shots of Hogwarts were actually shots of this model.

3) Sherlock Holmes Museum

At 221b Baker Street in London, you can visit the Sherlock Holmes museum. It’s small and the shop is very crowded but the experience is mildly entertaining. It’s focused on the original stories of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, not the BBC series. They have facts and figures, as well as a layout of the apartment as the stories describe. Oh, and some unsettling wax figures.


Try on Sherlock’s hat and play detective!


Not creepy at all…

4) Doctor Who Experience

In Cardiff, Wales, you can go to the Doctor Who experience. Similar to the Harry Potter Studios, you can pose with costumes, props, and sets from the show. They also give you a good look into how Doctor Who is made. The tour starts with this interactive bit where a film of the doctor leads you through some dramatized mechanical sets. Warning, if you go on a weekday morning in February, you may find yourself the only  childless grown adult in a sea of 6 year-olds with their parents. You can also visit Mermaid Quay and take a picture on the Time Rift by the Water Tower. I was not able to access Torchwood, unfortunately.



Which Doctor is your favorite?

5) Harry Potter Tour in London or Edinburgh

Both London and Edinburgh have Harry Potter tours. The London tour will take you to many of the places where things took place in the books or movies. The tour in Edinburgh will take you to the place where J.K. Rowling started writing the series.


Walking the streets of Edinburgh

6) Game of ThroneS Filming Locations in Northern Ireland

This last one, I’ve never done. But it is on my bucket list. All of the gorgeous filming locations can be found on this interactive map.

That’s what I have. Fellow nerds, is there anything you believe should be added to this list?


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