In Pictures: Beautiful Andalucia

Though I went in cloudy February, Andalucia is a beautiful region to visit. I spent time in Sevilla, Granada, and Cordoba. If you like beautiful architecture, a country-wide nap-time, and sangria served all day, Andalucia is the place for you.


The Alhambra, Granada, Spain

Take a stroll through the massive Alhambra complex in Granada. There are gardens, palaces, and amazing views to enjoy.


Plaza de Espana, Sevilla, Spain

Take a paseo through the Plaza de Espana in Sevilla. Some scenes from Game of Thrones were filmed here. The plaza is also beautiful lit up at night.


Plaza de Bib-Rambla, Granada, Spain

I finally got a bit of blue sky as I took a walk through Old Town Granada. Pro-tip: any time is a good time for a cafe con leche in Southern Spain.


Andalucia, Spain

Orange trees are a dominant characteristic of Andalucia. Not to eat, though. Seriously, don’t try to eat them, they’re very bitter. If you happen to visit while the oranges are being harvested or falling off, like I did, the city pleasantly smells of citrus.


Mezquita, Cordoba, Spain

Half of Andalucia’s grandeur stems from its Islamic influence. The Moors lived in the area for hundreds of years and Islamic scholars brought math, science, architecture, and different cultures to the region.


Cordoba, Spain

The Romans always seem to leave a lasting mark. Above is an old Roman wall that runs through Cordoba.


Granada, Spain

An overlook of Granada from the Alhambra. You can see the Cathedral standing tall above the rest.


Sevilla, Spain

Any city you visit in Spain is bound to have a grande Cathedral looming above you. The Cathedral in Sevilla is the third-largest church in Europe and the largest Gothic church anywhere. Christopher Columbus is also entombed here.


Sevilla, Spain

This gorgeous facade can be found in the gardens of the Alcazar in Sevilla. These gardens were also used as a filming location in Game of Thrones.


Granada, Spain

Andalucia has a lot to offer: good food, beautiful architecture, and easy living. Bonus: it’s also pretty cheap. I’d recommend Andalucia to anyone… but maybe plan your trip for a sunnier time of year.




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